Seasons and Celebrations ASL Wall Calendar

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Seasons of Remembrance and Celebration is a 12-Month Sign Language Calendar in ASL (American Sign Language), English, and Spanish with over 160 signs! Our first calendar from 2002!

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This calendar makes signing easy to learn with 8-10 basic signs related to each month! For instance in February learn red, love, Valentine’s day, and many other applicable signs!

Use them as teaching tools in the classroom or to send home for families to learn ASL signs. When the calendar is expired, cut up and laminate for years of continued use. Use the pages to post throughout the house or as placemats for practice with your family. Can also be used in the classroom as Bulletin Boards, Independent Learning Centers, in Vocabulary Units, or games!

Why do we sell expired or old calendars? Color of Language continues to sell our past calendars to parents and teachers who have found them to be valuable teaching tools for the classroom and home. Teachers cut and laminate the monthly display pages for use as place mats, posters, bulletin boards, Learning Centers, or flashcards. Sign Language teachers tell us they are are great for ASL classes.

This is our 2002 Signs of Remembrance and Celebrations ASL wall calendar.



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